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Corporate Holiday Party in Cleveland

 Putting off your planning for your corporate holiday party in Cleveland, Ohio?

Think Again!!! Now’s the time to get your party planning under way. I know the prime holiday season is still a few months away but the process needs to start ASAP!!

Trust me if we wait much longer all the swanky venues, tastiest caterers and best entertainers will be booked up and you’ll be left with a stark white banquet hall and dried out chicken.

Not a great way to impress your boss and fellow colleagues. Be the hero this year and plan a corporate holiday party for the history books!!

Not sure how to pull it all together? Follow these tips and take a deep breath. You can throw a memorable corporate event this holiday season!!

The Guest List

Meet with your boss or planning committee now to nail down your guest list and party feel (formal, casual or family). Having a general idea of your head count and guest type is crucial when it comes to choosing a venue, deciding on whether to serve alcohol and picking the best caterer.

Location is Everything

Book your venue right away! There are only three weekends in December for holiday bookings so venues will be snatched up quickly.

Some companies choose to avoid the hustle and bustle of December all together and throw their event in November or January. This can be a great way to increase attendance as many people have several family obligations during the month of December.

Choose a unique location to fit your company’s culture. There’s an abundance of new and unique venues in the Cleveland area. Try to stay away from standard banquet halls; they scream boring, stale and thoughtless. Remember your colleagues are spending their free time to attend this event……make sure it’s worth the effort and sacrifice.

Here are some top Cleveland venues to make your corporate holiday party shine:



Corporate Holiday Party Venue the 9Metropolitan at the 9 Corporate Holiday Party Venue AloftAloft Hotel
Corporate Holiday Party Venue Corner AlleyThe Corner Alley Corporate Holiday Party Venue The Nautica Queen The Nautica Queen
Corporate Holiday Party Pick Wich and FrolicPickwick and Frolic Corporate Holiday Party Venue Windows on the RiverWindows on the River

Bonus Tip…..if you pick a fun and inviting venue you can allow the space to speak for itself and use minimal decorations. This is not only budget friendly but saves you time as well.

Make Your Event Meaningful

A corporate holiday party is about celebrating your hard work and enjoying each other’s company outside the office. We all know the holiday season should also be about caring and giving.

A great way to fortify company culture and grow awareness of your company’s values is to give back to the community where you do business. Make it point to have your corporate holiday party serve the community.

Take a quick company poll on ways people want to give back as a group. Ideas include, hosting a coat or food drive at your party or sponsoring families in need for the holiday season.

Add Appeal with Entertainment

Give your guests a reason to attend. If this isn’t your first corporate party planning rodeo than you know it can be difficult to convince the masses to actually show up at your event. Make it an easy choice by adding that WOW factor with professional entertainment.

Do your research as all entertainers are not created equal. Having an unprofessional act or worse yet a blue act can really put a damper on the evening.

Make this task simple and fool proof by setting up a phone conference or meeting with potential entertainers. A professional should be willing to spend some time talking with you to make sure they are a fit for your party vision.

Choose Entertainment that appeals to the majority of your guests. Live instrumental music is a safe choice but it is also passive which means your guests will be left sitting in their seats. Choose interactive entertainment to get your group involved and keep the laughter rolling.

Ohio’s premier magician’s Jason and Stacy Alan are the perfect choice for high energy, high quality corporate entertainment. With a staggering list of impressive clients, top notch customer service and accolades such as Cleveland’s Top Talent winners, Tedx speakers and openers for music legend Chubby Checker, The Alans are a corporate holiday party top pick. Click here for more information on how to have The Alan’s at your event.

Cleveland Corporate Holiday Party Experts

Calling All Foodies

Think outside the box this holiday season. Offer your guests a culinary adventure. Mixing up your menu options with exciting food trends is a sure fire way to steer clear of a snoresville. For a more casual affair offer fun finger foods like a slider bar or food truck inspired taco bar. If your company is hosting a more formal event talk with your caterer about dishes inspired traditional holiday dishes from around the world. If your office is health conscious consider gourmet dishes that are friendly to current health trends such as vegan, clean eating, paleo and non gmo.


Remember take a deep breath, stay organized and make sure your sprinkle in some surprises. Your corporate holiday party should be a reflection of your company culture so get creative and get going before all the exciting options are taken!!!


stacy Grey CircleAbout the Author: Stacy Alan is a Lead Engineer and a magician in the entertainment act, The Alans.

She specializes in bringing the buzz to your trade show booth and

creating unforgettable moments at corporate events.

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