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TEDx Talks Youngstown Ohio

TEDx Talks Youngstown Ohio Bending and Breaking Stereotypes

Magician Stacy Alan discusses breaking stereotypes of the magic worldTedx Talks Youngstown Ohio

When you think of a magician, you immediately think of a top hat, cape, rabbit, sawing in half… the list goes on and on.  When you attend a modern magic show you soon realize these assumptions are typically farther from the truth than you imagined.  Even though you are presented with an image you were not prepared for, you accept what is in front of you and enjoy the performance.  But what if the modern magician was a female?  Would your mind accept this change or reject it?

Magicians Stacy and Jason Alan discuss the feedback received when the roles are reversed.  Bending and Breaking Stereotypes is a 20 minute discussion on this very topic during the Youngstown Ohio TEDx Talks.  Does it truly matter if the magician is white, black, male or female?  Or does the fact that you are presented with an unexplainable miracle trump all stereotypes?  You be the judge!