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About The Magicians

About The Magicians

You will never top that! This was the comment made by several employees to me after scheduling Jason for a company Christmas Party. The HR manager and myself agreed, so we didn’t even try to top it, we just booked Jason for the second year in a row! The show was awesome and we can’t wait to see something new in a couple of months!!!! Thanks Jason!

-Columbus McKinnon Corporation

The Magicians

My name is Jason Alan; I’m a professional magician and the owner and originator of Jason Alan Magic. I make my living creating memorable experiences for corporations and audiences across the country. It’s quite an amazing job!!


Hobby To Profession

My magical journey began in 1998 with a trip to Venice Beach, California which is known for its large array of street performers. This is where I experienced my first moment of astonishment.

A homeless man approached me and pulled a quarter from behind my ear. I was instantly hooked. How could someone with so little leave me completely speechless?

From that day forward I read every book on magic I could find. Needless to say my friends and family were soon bombarded with trick after trick.

In 2006 I was attending Youngstown State University on a track and field scholarship. While hitting the books, I was also steadily working on perfecting my magic skills and began to do some local performances.

I knew my dedication to the The Magicians Proposal art was starting to pay off when I was approached after my show by a well-known national magician. He gave me the opportunity to work alongside he and his partners. I was on the road to becoming a professional magician.

In 2007 I was awarded the Magicians Alliance of Eastern States Close-up Magic, Comedy and Stage Magician of the Year award. In 2009 I was also awarded the Battle of Magicians Close-up Magician in Canton, Ohio.

My passion grew with my skill and in 2010 I was contracted aboard the Bahamas Celebration Cruise Line as the resident magician. This is also where I proposed to my wife and performing partner Stacy Alan (READ MORE ABOUT STACY HERE).


Life After Taking The Plunge

In 2013 Stacy joined me as a full time performer on the road. This changed the dynamic of my solo performance to a two person act.

That’s right, if you read the title you already know we threw tradition out the window; instead of the magician and assistant framework we decided to go for a more modern approach and perform as partners. With Stacy’s background in Human Behavior and Psychology we are able to blur the lines between what is real and what is magic!


Enough About Us; HOW ABOUT YOU?

At Jason Alan Magic our goal is to provide the best live entertainment experience possible. We are aware, not all shows are created equal. We strive to create customized performances whenever possible.

We stand by our product and are confident in our work, from headlining an event to assisting you with a product release; we want to make you shine! We offer an array of services to meet your needs but if we feel we aren’t the perfect fit we’ll even help you find someone who can make your event a home run!


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