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Stacy Alan

The Leading Lady


Hello everyone, my name is Stacy Alan and I’m Jason’s other half, partner in crime and co-owner of Jason Alan Magic. If you know us or have read up on us you Stacy Sittingalready know that we play off each others strengths in our show and work as associates rather than typical magician and assistant. I like to think that nothing in our performance is typical. I have seven years of education on the subjects of human behavior and psychology. I worked in the mental health field for 8+ years; upon meeting Jason I began honing my skills to become a skilled mentalist.

So how did this all come to be? I’ve always been a people person and knew early on in college that I wanted to be someone who made an impact on people and spent my days talking with others. The transition from helping people challenge their thoughts and behaviors in an office to challenging people’s thoughts and demonstrating the unexplainable on a stage seemed like an intriguing career move for me. So, those years and countless hours with my nose in psychology books still paid off!! It also helped that I grew up watching the greats with my brothers and parents; we spent many evenings hovered around our T.V. as David Blaine and David Copperfield took us on a trip to magical and mystical land. Little did I know that I would one day grow up, marry the man of my dreams and help others visit the wonders of Magic!!