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How to Crush It with a Killer Trade Show Booth

Want to knock it out of the park at your next trade show? Of course you do but how do you stand out in the endless sea of booths, giveaways and flashy signage? There is no simple formula to follow or magic bullet to tackle the trade show floor monster; it takes proper planning, excellent booth staff and unique surprises to get a leg up on the competition.

Here are a few pointers to get you and your company on your way to being the Top Dog Exhibitor.

 Target the Right Traffic for your Booth

Filling your trade show booth to the brink with show goers is the goal for any exhibitor but to get the edge on the competition you need to target and connect with potential customers well before the first day of the show.

Imagine getting the attention of that golden prospect your company has had their eye on for months; you would be named the office hero!! Here are a few ways to jump-start quality leads:

  • Clearly define the customers you want coming to your boothTrade Show Traffic
  • Target potential clients through social media
  • Design engaging and unique pre-show communications
    • Snail mail is not dead an eye-catching hard copy invite can be more memorable than a quick email.
    • When using emails, make sure your subject grabs their attention or it will quickly be pegged as annoying spam.
    • Consider making personal phone calls to the customers you really want to notice you. This isn’t a sales call it’s a genuine relationship building tool and personal invitation to your booth to get to know them.

Train Your Booth Staff Thoroughly

Your company is likely spending a pretty penny on their trade show exhibit; it would be disappointing if the show was unsuccessful due to staff not being able to deliver the company message confidentially and professionally. This disaster can be easily avoided if you consider the trade show booth to be a Broadway show; all big productions require a dress rehearsal.

Make sure to meet with your booth staff several times before opening day. You want your sales team and any other people in your booth to sound natural and genuine. Scripted talk is boring and can be a quick turn off to many prospects.

Practice mock interactions with your staff and throw in some difficult questions until they feel confident and excited to share your key points. Make sure to stress to your team that they need to over-deliver and be on point until the very last minute of the last show day!! You never know what amazing prospects could pop up when the floor starts to clear out.

  • How to keep your Trade Show Booth Staff Happy and Productive:
    • Treat your booth staff with the utmost respect; they are the face of your company and product to show goers.
    • Make sure they have ample breaks to re-focus and use the restroom.
    • Provide them with easy access to water and healthy energizing snacks.

Demo Your Product or Service

This should be a no brainer folks!! But this article isn’t about typical exhibiting so how do you demo your product/service in a modern way? Consider putting some production value behind your demonstration. Make your demo into an artistic and memorable piece rather than a simple “here’s how it works” spiel.

Better yet hire someone to do this for you! Trade show magicians are a great way to draw in an enormous crowd and utilize your products in unforgettable routines.

Magic is a thought provoking art that can get the brain synapses firing away. When the brain is active it’s sharp and absorbs more information; what better time to weave in your key points and product. Not only will prospects remember having fun at your booth but your logo, product and message will be etched in their minds for a long time to come!

A recent survey conducted by Exhibit Surveys, Inc. explored the world of Exhibit Attraction. They defined exhibit attraction as follows, “The percentage of an exhibitor’s Potential Audience who remembered visiting a company’s exhibit.” In this report the following were listed as some of the most effective ways to increase overall exhibit attraction: awareness for the company and its products among the audience, demos and attention-getting techniques.

It’s All About the Leads: Forms and Follow Ups

Now that your booth staff and trade show magician have grabbed the attention of the show goers what’s the next step? Don’t let the heat fizzle out!!! Your team needs to seize this opportunity and seal the deal.

Make sure your sales team has an organized and well-functioning lead form to use with prospective clients. The dated fishbowl-o-business-cards is out! Not only do you want to collect the attendee’s basic information but you also want to secure things like: products they showed interest in and if they are already a customer.

Linda Armstrong of Exhibitor Magazine writes, The sales department can also benefit from learning such things as attendees’ level of product interest, budget parameters, purchasing timeframes, and the likelihood of a purchase. Another good question to ask is: Are there other decision makers at your company who would be interested in our products, and if so, can we get their names and contact information?” Linda’s article “Beyond the Fishbowl” provides great examples of Trade Show Communicationhow to construct a lead form that works for your team.

Asking the right questions at your booth really helps your sales team decipher the qualified leads from the fluff. Recording this information in a legible and organized manner separates the rookies from the trade show floor superstars.

This makes post show follow-up less daunting and results in more sales. Follow up is the key to turning prospects into sales. Make sure your follow up approach is just as eye catching and genuine as your killer trade show booth was!

Well there you have it. Some killer ideas to be the top dog at your next trade show. Go out there and be buzz-worthy!!!!!




stacy Grey CircleAbout the Author: Stacy Alan is a Lead Engineer and a magician in the entertainment act, The Alans.

She specializes in bringing the buzz to your trade show booth and

creating unforgettable moments at corporate events.

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